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Accepting GLU’s & TPC members! June 28, 2009

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the official cliqueAs of now, I am accepting GLU’s & TPC members now. The only member not open is… Alicia Rivera A.K.A Mee! Now, what I am expecting from you GLU’s is that you cawn’t be total LBR posers as such: ” Like amg, look at her buh-t! its like a total bubble like amg!” NAWT ACCEPTABLE! Thats not all the pretty committe tawks about! If you think you have potential, then comment on why you should be on my list, other than that NO LBR’S! But for those of you who DO accomplish being an LBR will be added to the LBR list underneath the GLU list! Also for those getting the PC, you know what you have to do to get in here. Show your style, attitude, and personality! I need to know as much as possible about you why you think your like this PC member. Hopefully if you have what I want, you get in! Fair and square, no redo’s! If you didn’t make a GLU or PC member, you still can post on the buh-log  just nawt in the GLU/TPC chatroom! One more thing, if you become massie, that does NAWT mean that you can rule over me, just because you were in the books. No! I am the one here audtioning you for these roles, so you better be lucky you ACTUALLY got Massie in the 1st place. Since I am holding this contest, whoever makes Massie will be nawt be the Alpha! WE both will be the Alpha’s, because I am the one here holding this auditon for this RP! Also, Include your email in so I can contact you incase you do make it. And last, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR BUH-LOG! YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BLOG IF YOU WANT TO BE A TPC MEMBER! If you don’t include the web address you will NAWT be accepted. And remember if you do make the part, and we begin fighting, then I will pull out of TPC faster than you can say “I didn’t do it!” I do nawt accept back stabbers, so you might as well close this page out if you are one. I will hold new auditions for that character If i decide to get rid of them from TPC! Remember GOOD LUCK! ♥


♥ Hearts, Alicia Rivera

[Your head BETA & ALPHA!]


New GLU’s applications! June 25, 2009

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As of now, I am trying to gather GLU’s on my list. I will be opeing a section on my blog called a GLU chatroom. Think you have potential? Then act now and try to be the top GLU! You need attitude and looks, comment on this about yourself and put the URL for your blog so I can go and check it out. Be careful, don’t try to act too much like one for your going to be seen as an EW!

 ♥ LeeshaMoi

Gone! :( June 25, 2009

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MoiHey, I know I have been gone FOREVER! My computer went down, and I could not post at all! I feel bad for all my adoring fans, but lets not think on the past, lets think of the present. Well, I’m BACK! Thats for sure. I am going to try and make one promise, that I will try to blog everyday! Or AT LEAST once a week. A Beta Promise! Now, Here is an update of how I’ve been. Well I haven’t buh-logged since school was here, and I am so excited it is summer! So, with my wonderful fashion sense, I will tell you some summer must haves for sure!!

       1. Gladiator sandals! Wheither there gold, silver, brown its a must have summer shoe item! Make sure NOT to get any neon colored ones, they almost never go good with anything and will make you look like an LBR who is color-blind!

       2. You need a HUGE bag, preferably Hobo! There a summer must have and give you a funky look thats ah-dorable and to die for! Look at the picture for ideas <— I love to put my pooch in my pouch too! ♥ Love you muffin! [My dog. so ah-dorable!]


Well those were a FEW tips for summer must-haves! But its your choice to spruce up your outfits with your unique personality. I have to go soon though, me and TPC are heading out to the wonderful beach! Oh did I forget to tell you? WERE IN HAWAII! Yes we are, last summer Dylan said she ah-dored Hawaii and we decided to all go together this summer. Its ah-mazing! Mass might call soon so I have to go. One more thing before I go though, I am looking for TPC members on my ah-mazing buh-log. I auditioned for a roll on massikur.wordpress.com but if she doesn’t accept me [She would be an LBR lol but she is awesome and like the real massie so hopefully she does!] I am going to make my own TPC of my own, but I need a Massie, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire! I will let you know If I get the part, then I will add another post telling you to audition.


Always yours and forever,

♥ Leesha

[The ah-dorable real one for those LBR’s out there posing me :)]

Hola, Alicia’s back! March 28, 2009

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Hola everyone! Alicia is back, and now I made my own website blog! Which Im really excited about! I know haven’t blogged in a long long time, but TPC has been very busy lately. I have been shopping, and were doing a new a winter auction.  I am getting rid of all last seasons winter clothes, and selling it at an auction held at Massie’s house.  Then afterwards, TPC is going to Westchester Mall and going shopping for new spring clothes. I’m really excited about that! Oh, and before I forget, this is my new upgraded blog. Its soo much better than blogger.com which I used to use as my blog. i recently found this and got Massie to sign up, but I never had the time to make my own, so here I am. blogger.com is more out than last year’s  burberry sweater. So yea, this is where I will be updating you on everything in my life, and writing my own state of the unions [which I got by Massie] and also, just like Massie’s blog on here,  I will be answering any questions you ever have about fashion and life. Called: “Ask Alicia” BTW, remember to throw your burberry stuff in my auction box, cause thats soo last year! and since today is a Friday we had a sleepover at Massie’s. It was soo fun, after throwing out our stuff in the auction box, we grabbed out blazers, and slipped on our UGGS and heading to the cabana, here is stuff we did:

  • Massie slipped in “Lose my Breath” by Beyonce and we gave eachother manis/pedis while reading the latest Teen-Vouge and Cosmogirl.
  • The after that, Mrs.Block came out and brung a tray of hot sweet brownies [and soy chips for Dylan] and we ate while we played Truth or Dare and gossiped, by the time it was getting late I had about 50 Gossip Points!
  • And finally by Midnight we were so pooped that we fell asleep right away with the lights on. But we had to make sure we got our beauty sleep because tomarrow we have to go shopping for the Winter Auction.

Triste [that means sorry] I have to go, Im so tierd, and I need my beauty sleep, for the auction tomarrow.

♥Heart you- Alicia